Official IRC!

We now have an official IRC channel on! To connect, simply join the channel #enviromine on, or click here to use their webchat. If you need help, ping thislooksfun (simply write that or ‘tlf’ in chat), and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.


The Config Update

New update is out. Be sure to follow instructions because this update changes the config files.

Important Notice if Updating to Build 114

This Newest Version of EnviroMine Restructures the Configs and adds better Config Editing with the Add keybind.
You must follow the instructions or any custom configs you have edited will not convert to the new system.
Instructions for Updating EnviroMine before Build #114.

  1. Backup Your Config Folder else where.
  2. Remove Old Enviromine Mod.
  3. Drag new Enviromine Mod.
  4. Start Minecraft
  5. (Most Important) Do not Close Minecraft until you load up your first World.

Once your World has loaded, Than all your old Configs should have been converted over.
Now enjoy Enviromine
When adding Custom configs it cant be any easier. Now when holding items that can be items or blocks it will ask you. You can also go strait to editing the specific block if the block was already added to your custom configs.
New Profile System. Under the EnviroMine Menu you can now create new Profiles. This is for you ppl who like to have skyblock maps.. and normal worlds. The profile work on a per wold basis with its own custom configs. Some Configs have to be global which is now in the Global Config Settings.

Poll about 1.8

I made a poll about how we should proceed for 1.8.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a suggestion poll. We will probably note the results when we decide, but it will not be the deciding factor. Also, we don’t know when we will start the update, so don’t get your hopes up yet. All 3 of the devs (Me, Funway, and Gen) have been going through some stuff. We’re all fine, but we are quite busy, and will be for a while.

Possibly Removing Authentication

I’m slowly accepting that Authentication is slowly choking this mod to death despite it being as unobtrusive as we could make it. Yes it had some hiccups lately that caused some major issues resulting in false alarms but too many people were scared of the ‘DRM’ and didn’t stick around. To get an idea of how many people left us, our statistics reported as many as 15 thousand people just disappeared over the course of the last 2 weeks. I am sorry that in trying to protect the rights to our mod I pushed away the community. I will likely be removing Authentication in the coming days if things continue to head they way they are going.

Apologies For the Friday the 13th Massacre

To everyone using EnviroMine on Friday the 13th, I apologies for the unintentional massacre the Grue caused. It was supposed to be confined to the cave dimension and be a relatively rare event but 2 bugs left it free to attack anyone, any time. I have since fixed it but still contemplating whether I should take the Easter Egg out of the mod completely, it was never supposed to get this out of control.

For those interested in which two bugs occurred, here’s the explanation:
1) The piece of code controlling the event was indeed supposed to go off on Friday the 13th (it also applies for Halloween and in EXTREMELY rare cases on every other day) however a logical mix up in the check also caused it to skip the dimension check making the rest of the script run on every other world.

2) Although the Grue was programmed to only attack in darkness I forgot a second check for daylight (block light and daylight are supposed to be calculated separately) and this ended up meaning that even players in broad daylight were vulnerable.

Game Dev Project

As part of my studies in games development, I’m starting a 6 month project as part of a team of people to create a full game for my final assessment. What does this mean for EnviroMine? Well during this time I will not be able to work on EnviroMine (or any other of my mods for that matter) as much as I would like to and updates and bugfixes may slow down significantly as a result.

However all is not lost. GenDeathrow and thislooksfun are wonderful devs and should anything go wrong in the mean time just let them know and I’m sure things will be worked out just fine.

– Funwayguy

Authentication and the new Config Editor

Due to the rising amount of sites stealing mods and making ad revenue off placing downloads behind links and plastered ads all over the pages we’ve decided to take a stand and be one of the first mods to implement an authentication system against the aforementioned stealing. This is not an invasive DRM feature and in fact it’s completely automatic and requires no user input. As long as the post-authentication file is included with the mod it can still be freely shared between users and through modpacks. The security measures are not meant to be 100% fool proof and are more of a deterrent however we do have the ability to increase these measures if deemed necessary. We are open to suggestions on how to best handle this new authentication system. We thank you for your understanding and if you are interested in looking into the problem further please follow the link below.

On a more happier note I’m excited to announce that EnviroMine finally has an editor for all those pesky configuration files! No more will you have to dig through files to change confusing settings in notepad now that they are all organised in a nice easy to use UI which you can edit at any point during your game. At the moment we don’t have it available for server side due to the WIP client-server config sync not being finished but we will open that up as soon as it’s complete.

Lazy devs

If it seems like we haven’t been doing as much work on the mod/replying to people, then you would be right. GenDeathrow is busy with family & work, and Funwayguy and I both have school and personal lives, and both of us have lost motivation recently. (We’ll get it back, don’t worry. Just a bit of a dip.) If I’m wrong about someone else, they should correct it, but I might be lying about them for a bit. 😛

In any case, we are very grateful for your continued support and use of the mod. Also, I still reply to questions on the forum and issue tracker if I have time & know the answer.

Now in Version 1.3.68!

You will notice now that your EnviroMine Menu will contain a new Page “News Feed”. This page will give you Direct Access to our EnviroMine Website( News Feed. You will also be able to get more detailed information on your version of EnviroMine, As well a view the Change log. We hope this will allow us to get you important information faster than ever.

Downloads are back up!

The title says it all. Have fun dying playing!