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Official IRC!

We now have an official IRC channel on! To connect, simply join the channel #enviromine on, or click here to use their webchat. If you need help, ping thislooksfun (simply write that or ‘tlf’ in chat), and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.


Poll about 1.8

I made a poll about how we should proceed for 1.8.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a suggestion poll. We will probably note the results when we decide, but it will not be the deciding factor. Also, we don’t know when we will start the update, so don’t get your hopes up yet. All 3 of the devs (Me, Funway, and Gen) have been going through some stuff. We’re all fine, but we are quite busy, and will be for a while.

Lazy devs

If it seems like we haven’t been doing as much work on the mod/replying to people, then you would be right. GenDeathrow is busy with family & work, and Funwayguy and I both have school and personal lives, and both of us have lost motivation recently. (We’ll get it back, don’t worry. Just a bit of a dip.) If I’m wrong about someone else, they should correct it, but I might be lying about them for a bit. 😛

In any case, we are very grateful for your continued support and use of the mod. Also, I still reply to questions on the forum and issue tracker if I have time & know the answer.

Downloads are back up!

The title says it all. Have fun dying playing!

Downloads are still down

Last checked:
9:00 pm EST – Status: DOWN

I have been checking over the past several hours, and the downloads are still very much down. Just thought I would post this to let you know we’re still watching them.

If you have a bash shell (OS X or Linux) and want to track the downloads yourself, you can download and run this script. If you don’t know how run it, you probably shouldn’t be downloading random scripts from the internet (especially since the command to delete everything on your computer is “rm -rf /”). However, I promise that script is safe (but feel free not to trust me anyway. :P)

Downloads are broken! (the service we use to automate builds/downloads) has partially stopped working. All the downloads on every project I tried were completely broken. In the mean time, please use this link to download a working file. It will probably complain that it is “Not for public use.” You can safely ignore that message. We will let you know when the downloads are back up, so check back occasionally. Until then, there is unfortunately nothing else we can do.