Authentication and the new Config Editor

Due to the rising amount of sites stealing mods and making ad revenue off placing downloads behind links and plastered ads all over the pages we’ve decided to take a stand and be one of the first mods to implement an authentication system against the aforementioned stealing. This is not an invasive DRM feature and in fact it’s completely automatic and requires no user input. As long as the post-authentication file is included with the mod it can still be freely shared between users and through modpacks. The security measures are not meant to be 100% fool proof and are more of a deterrent however we do have the ability to increase these measures if deemed necessary. We are open to suggestions on how to best handle this new authentication system. We thank you for your understanding and if you are interested in looking into the problem further please follow the link below.

On a more happier note I’m excited to announce that EnviroMine finally has an editor for all those pesky configuration files! No more will you have to dig through files to change confusing settings in notepad now that they are all organised in a nice easy to use UI which you can edit at any point during your game. At the moment we don’t have it available for server side due to the WIP client-server config sync not being finished but we will open that up as soon as it’s complete.


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